Down on da bayou in dem Louisiana "Cajun Heartlands," dat otta dis world drink called "CajunTyme" was born.  Dat tea begun using dos special decaffeinated tea leaves from dos high mountains round da world.  Brewed fresh daily, infused wit dos  flavors along da bayou, and sweetened to perfection! 

CajunTyme was born of its "unique" flavor and "refreshing" taste in da heat uh summer.  Da CajunTyme Krewe worked hard to develop da recipe for dat "otta dis world" taste.  Our goal is to bring back dos childhood memries puttin dat smile on der faces wit "evry sip" a dat CajunTyme Ice Tea!



Behind da scenes wit dos special people and all dem memries.


  • This tea has no comparisons.  No one can touch this tea for taste.
    -Terry D.
  • Tried this tea for the first time at our health fair and definitely will purchase it in our market.
    -Lilly C.
  • So, my friends will tell you, Charlene does not like tea! I've tried some here and there, but none have made me a tea drinker...UNTIL NOW! CajunTyme Ice Tea is the BEST ICE TEA I've ever had!! The taste is like no other! Stop by and try some at the Pecan Festival and you won't be disappointed! Like others have said..I can't wait to buy it by the gallon!
    -Charlene H.
  • Definetely the best tea ive ever had, bought one on the way in the pecan festival, and another on the way out, hope you guys get it on store shelves soon.
    -Austin A.
  • This is the absolute BEST tea I have ever had. A wonderful blend of flavors and sweetened to perfection!
    -Ashley A.
  • The tea is fantastic! I have to admit I was a non-believer until I tried it. Keep up the good work you guys!!
    -Lisa E.
  • Best tea I've ever drank!! Love it and definitely will be getting more!!
    -Jessica K.
  • The best tea ever!  I highly recommend trying this!
    -Ti'nique F.
  • It was the most unique Iced Tea I've ever tasted and quite frankly, couldn't get enough of it!
    -Dale G.
  • SO delicious! I had one at the Experience Louisiana Festival and got another for the road!
    -Jana T.